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Project demonology is a top down RPG where the player has control of the void, allowing for them to capture and control various creatures for use in battles.

Learn about the void, Aether and Aleroth and be a part of "the game" the gods play with mortals lives being the pieces on the board...

Game can be quite laggy on HTML5 - Its a mixture of image sizing and the quest journal, I am working on fixing this, but should be less of an issue on the .exe as you can load it all from your HDD as compared to a web server - in theory at least.

The game IS in Beta, but i'm not using that as a shield against criticism, this is my first game as a hobbyist and you only improve by getting shredded and understanding where you need to improve, so criticise the hell out of me!

Nothing is Encrypted, i'm not fussed if someone wants to reverse engineer it to understand how I did something, although i retain the rights to the world and lore, but if you want to make a fan game, then go ahead.

I seriously doubt you would want to, but I'm not going to say no if you do...

ControlsGame Pad *1KeyboardMouseTouch
MovementD-padArrow keys,  Num padClick destination *2Tap destination *2
ActionAZ, Enter,  SpaceClick targetTap target
CancelBX, Esc,  Num pad 0Right clickTap with two fingers
MenuYX, Esc,  Num pad 0Right clickTap with two fingers
Previous pageLBQ, Page up
Next pageRBW, Page down
Scroll pagesD-padArrow keys, num padDrag from inside of page to outside of page/mouse scroll wheelTap and hold as you swipe from inside of page to outside of page


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